Slow living, anxiety and me


I’ve noticed that slow living attracts people like me: introvert, anxious and introspective. 

None of these things are bad things in any way. It makes complete sense. If you’re someone who gains energy from being still, who finds it tiring to be around others and uses the resulting space to do some deep soul-diving, then slow living is likely to find you eventually. That introspection will guide you to exploring why busy modern life doesn’t work for you, doesn’t allow you to truly experience who you are and so, whether by design or not, it’s possible you’ll end up stepping into your own slower pace of life.

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A Spring Indie Edit

Spring indie edit shop small

It’s been a while since I’ve spent a day lost in a treasure trove of small creative businesses online. Sharing & supporting indie makers is what first got me blogging & I’ve missed discovering new makers & revisiting old. So, after my previous Winter Indie Edit, I thought it was about time for a Spring one. Hopefully you’ll discover some new incredible talents and if you do make a purchase, let me know! I’d love to know if I’ve introduced you to someone special.

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Inspiration / Reviews

A slow living retreat in Suffolk

alde garden slow living retreat suffolk

(AD – I was gifted a night’s stay in exchange for this post*.)

Have you ever done something a little secretive, something just for you? Maybe you’ve taken yourself to the cinema in the middle of the day or gone out for dinner requesting a, “Table for one, please”. If you really treasure time alone and are thinking you’d like more than a few short hours, why not run away midweek for a night (or two)?

In September, I was kindly given the opportunity to spend a night at Alde Garden, a campsite billed as, ‘the perfect antidote to busy lives‘. A collection of yurts, caravans, bell tents, tent pitches and a cute little cottage, all in a wild secret garden. In other words, the perfect place to escape for a quiet retreat.

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on finally finding purpose


The fast weeks of February have been big for me, having taken the life-changing leap into committing to a complete career change. In May, I’ll start my training as a life coach. This is something that’s been in the back of my mind for years but I’ve never really explored it, seeing it as a ‘someday’ dream.

A bit about my life right now: I suppose you could say I’m on ‘long-term maternity leave’. Leaving London whilst pregnant meant it wasn’t possible to return to my former EFL teaching job. I wanted to take the time to raise E & figure out making a living through writing. Yet – I’ve been struggling to write. Which is probably telling me something.

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Inspiration / Life

a slow living intention for 2019: building calm

building calm 2019 intentions for a slower life

Have you set a word or intention for the year? Instead of resolutions, the idea is simply to choose a word or phrase which will gently guide your year in the way you wish it to go. It’s not making hard resolutions nor is it setting unattainable goals. In the past I’ve chosen a word – seeming like the ‘right’ thing to do when everyone else online is – but very quickly forgotten it. So this year I took the time to find something which really sits well with me & hopefully, will bring me back to how I want to feel in 2019 when external influences take over. I’ve settled on two words which happen to work well together: Build. Calm. Here’s why:

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An independent life: 2018 review

a 2018 reflection: inspire and enjoy. tea, cake and Chasing Slow book.

Getting my brain into gear to write this, I took a look back at my 2016 review post. Revisiting that year brought up a funny mix of emotions – some jealousy at all the places I visited that year; pride at all the additional writing I was doing and generally at how life was moving along. But I also feel disappointment: this year and last have not seen that much output from me writing-wise. It seems as though I was really at the start of something good career-wise a few years ago: a blog I loved writing on regularly and magazines I contributed to with ease. Is it ok to compare myself to 2016 Verity and feel 2018 me lacking?

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A Winter Indie Edit



Rather than a Christmas gift guide, I’ve pulled together a round up of some lovely independent picks which celebrate the colder months, whether you celebrate or not. Scented candles and soaps which smell like mulled wine in front of the fire; planners & calendars for those thinking ahead to 2019; books and magazines to encourage you to explore things a little deeper and gifts to nourish your soul.    Read More


3 tips for using social media mindfully


Tips for using social media mindfully

Overwhelmed by social media? Discovered that when you hit 100 tabs open on Chrome it doesn’t tell you how many tabs are open – simply gives you a sarcastic smiley face? 😀 If you’re finding the whole Instagram/Facebook/Stories/Twitter thing too much, here are some tips from Self-Care Mentor Amy Hunt from Let’s Get Back to You on how to make sure your values and social media are aligned: Read More


Self-Care Tips from a Self-Care Mentor


Self Care mentoring and confidence

Self-care as a term has been thrown around a lot in recent years as more of us become attuned to our bodies and minds. Yet it’s easy to be a bit overwhelmed – I know I struggle to fit in yoga, baths, candles, self-help books, eating well and exercising. And even when I do manage one or two of these things, it can feel like a temporary fix rather than part of a longer-term strategy that truly puts you first and foremost. So, I’ve been in touch with Amy Hunt from Let’s Get Back to You, the UK’s first Self-care Mentor and a lady who’s taken her own experience with overwhelm and anxiety and made it her mission to help others in the same spot. Read on for advice on daily self-care practices and tips on looking after yourself when things are especially tough.    Read More


On smudging and Palo Santo | Clearing negative energy


After interviewing Mughda of Kindred and Wild on her gorgeous natural skincare brand and reading this wonderful piece on smudging  I wanted to find out more about the ritual of clearing negative energy and cleansing your home. With our move-in date to the cabin growing closer, thoughts of having a completely fresh space to move into seem especially important in my mind right now. Specifically, I was keen to discover more about Palo Santo, a magical wand when used for smudging. Very much a non-expert myself, it seemed only right to ask Mughda to contribute a piece (inspire & enjoy’s first guest post!) sharing more about what Palo Santo is, its history and benefits and most importantly, how to use Palo Santo in your own home to help set intentions and get that positive energy flowing.     Read More