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Hello Pinterest addicts! Which I’m guessing is everyone, because why wouldn’t you be? Months ago, on the quest to ‘know myself better’ I answered some…

Pinterest independent designers Inspire and Enjoy

Hello Pinterest addicts! Which I’m guessing is everyone, because why wouldn’t you be? Months ago, on the quest to ‘know myself better’ I answered some quick-fire questions about what I absolutely can’t live without, and at the top of that list was ‘Visual Inspiration‘. Be it through magazines photography, design, Instagram, stationery, beautiful textiles or of course Pinterest, having a part of my world filled with colour, pattern, hand-lettering and inspiring designers just makes it that little bit better, you know? And as a big lover of independent designers, I tirelessly trawled through my Pinterest account to bring you the best of the best accounts to follow for design, craft & colour.   

cardboard cities | collage, pattern & colour

Cardboard Cities Laura Redburn Pinterest independent designers

Laura Redburn | | Love, love, love, love, LOVE these collages! Look at the colours, look at the well, everything, bloody wonderful hey? And there’s more collage goodness over on the Cardboard Cities Pinterest account, in particular: Collage & Mixed Media, Pattern & Pottery & Ceramics – love me some ceramics.

Chloe hall | illustration & pastels

Chloe Hall Illustration Pinterest independent designers

Chloe | These images are from the board of Chloe’s own illustrations, which I LOVE. Other Pinterest highlights are the pinks & pastels of her Colour board, & happy people on her Illustration board.

ellie mac | embroidery

Ellie Mac embroidery Pinterest independent designers to follow Inspire and Enjoy

Ellie Macdonald | | Again, these are from Ellie’s board of her own work – aren’t they amazing? Especially that denim jacket (I believe this is where I would *swoon* if I were that kind of girl). Other Pinterest highlights: Detail, Pattern & Colour, and of course Embroidery. So inspiring!

origami-est | origami & paper GOOds

Origami-est Pinterest independent designers origami inspiration

Esther | I’ve been following Origami-est for a long time, and am desperate to attend one of her workshops soon. There’s something about paper-folding that’s so relaxing and satisfying. Also on Esther’s gorgeous Pinterest: Project Inspiration for DIY projects, Creative Workspaces for some new-desk inspiration & Paper Folding Projects to practice those folds.

oh my clumsy heart | jewellery & minimalism

Oh My Clumsy Heart jewellery inspiration from Pinterest independent designers Inspire and Enjoy

Sophie Davies | | Aesthetically, a completely different style to the other accounts I’ve listed, but I’m also so drawn to simple and minimal design, in particular jewellery. Sophie’s handmade timeless jewellery is a Pinterest addict’s dream, as well as her boards on Home Decor, Art & Fashion. On that note, why is it when I try minimal fashion, I just look boring and not stylish? Oh well….

Of course, there are some huge Pinterest accounts to follow too (who doesn’t heart designlovefest?), but personally I love being a part of someone’s visual journey  that doesn’t solely focus on the million followers they have – it must be stressful to pin for that many people right? Please do recommend more Pinterest creatives to follow below…


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