I’m a gentle, joyful and encouraging life coach who would love to help you embrace a slower pace of life, cut the overwhelm and rediscover your inner peace.

I’m Verity, a mid-thirties life coach & writer, living in a countryside cabin with my family, committed to a slow & soulful life.

I’m here to inspire & support others to embrace a slower life from the inside, out.

As with most things in life, it’s been a bit of a journey to get here but of course, in retrospect it all makes sense now.

I’m an original country girl (Suffolk, since you ask) turned city-dweller who then returned to rural living in the most OTT way ever by moving into a cabin in my parents’ garden. I don’t do things by halves. I have a husband and toddler son & some rather nice friends. No pets, though (bar our imaginary cat, Beans).

Before going on mat leave, I was an EFL teacher for 8 years, working in South Korea, Vietnam & London. The travel bug goes deep but its not been priority for a few years. I want to change that as there is still so much I want to see. Before teaching, I was in fashion PR for a while & before that, fairly routine admin & retail roles. I always kind of hated the conformity of going to an office, wearing, saying & doing the ‘right’ thing. Suits literally made me squirm: ambitious career woman I was not. And asking permission to go on holiday? No thanks.

Sound familiar? Maybe that’s why you started channeling your passion & creativity into working for yourself, too?


After anxiety, panic attacks & later, depression, hit me in my early thirties, I started listening more to what my mind & body needed. I realised that what it does most well on is s-l-o-w (& lots of sleep).

To me, this is less about the beautiful minimalist aesthetic that Instagram may have fooled you into believing #slowliving is (though the joy in ~only~ being surrounded by things you love I deeply believe to be true).

My version of slow living is far more about connecting with you are, deep down beneath all those layers of expectation and pressure our wonderful western society have gifted us. It’s about granting yourself the time & space to trust yourself, listen to your intuition and truly live in the moment.

I most value connection, freedom, independence, personal development & being yourself.

Why did I become a coach?

I know everyone says this but I really do love people.

I love our stories, our experiences, our beliefs, our curiosities, our compassion, our kindness, our desire to push ourselves, to grow, to keep on keeping on.

I genuinely can’t think of a greater pleasure in life than supporting creative, extraordinary women to step in to the very best version of themselves.

Because more people need to believe in themselves. Especially women. We really need to believe in ourselves, because so many – still – don’t.

I believe that the more we can practice showing what it means to like yourself to others, the better.

What sort of coach am I?

Firstly, if your impression of a slow living life coach is that of someone very slow with their speaking – that ain’t me. I’m really quite easily excitable, especially when you experience an ‘a-ha’ moment & something that’s held you back for years suddenly falls into place & I see that weight lift off your shoulders.

So yes, I may be a little chattier than your average coach & it’s quite possible I’ll give an enthusiastic, ‘Me too!’ to an experience or feeling of yours (this isn’t the usual coach-thing to do but hey, I’m coaching my own way). I believe it’s important to know that however much we believe our lives and thoughts are completely unique, the greatness of humanity is that actually we’re all pretty alike. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of that. Makes us feel a bit more connected & isn’t that what life is all about, really?

Saying this, I absolutely will not interrupt. I like to leave theodd comfortable silence too when we speak – that’s often where the magic happens, isn’t it? When we talk to fill a void & something comes out of our mouths, seemingly offhand and unexpected – and what do you know? It leads to a huge revelation (see: ‘a-ha moment’, above).

I will probably say, ‘Interesting…’ & ‘Amazing!’ many times on a call. But I will also ask those powerful questions that get you thinking below the surface, perhaps for the first time ever. However busy your day to day life is, taking the time to talk to a coach essentially forces you into slowing down & connecting with your true self (however buried she is & however much you may believe you’re already fully clued up on who you are).

In terms of the goals we set together and actions you take to work towards achieving them, I’m a fan of mixing the practical with the inner soulful stuff. I wholeheartedly believe that a more conscious & kind approach to your belongings, your time & your space is hugely important in allowing you to breathe. And I also believe that wading through the tough stuff to uncover who you really are underneath all the noise & expectations of this busy world will allow you to truly uncover your deepest, truest self.

I promise you she’s absolutely worth meeting.

Past clients have described me as, ‘…infectiously enthusiastic…with an authentic, genuine love for what she is doing’ and ‘…really understanding…with a gentle, encouraging & peaceful energy’. You can read more testimonials here if you want an even better idea of what working with me could look like.