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Why, hello! How lovely to see you here.

I’m Verity, a freelance writer, blogger and designer-maker supporter.

I believe in living an independent life and am here to inspire you to do the same.

inspire & enjoy is a happy place, full of things to inspire & enjoy in your life. You can expect to find:

Stories from designers + makers; photographers + bloggers; adventurers + explorers.
Round-ups of gorgeous, original + affordable things for you and your home, designed + created by the best indie makers around.
Magazine, book, workshop + craft market ideas and reviews.
Thoughts + musings on what an independent life can mean (and it can mean many different things to different people).
Giveaways, competitions + monthly desktop downloads from talented creatives.

A little about me:

A classic cliche: I hit my mid-thirties, traded in my London flat for the Suffolk countryside, got married and had a baby. I know, so much for a ‘life less ordinary’, right? We’re shortly moving into a log cabin in my parent’s garden & I’m excited for the chance to embrace this new existence by beginning a slow living journey. To me, this means less clutter, more time, conscious consideration of the products I’m buying, the information I’m consuming & the way I’m moving my body. The free childcare won’t hurt either…

As well as writing, I’m an EFL teacher & have taught & lived in both South Korea & Vietnam. I think teaching is an awesome way to explore the world & whilst this blog isn’t about that, if you do have any questions about doing EFL yourself, feel free to get in touch.

A little about you:

You’re inspired by people who say, ‘sod it’ to the rat race & run off to do their own thing.
You’re all about self-care through yoga, gratitude, meditation…whatever helps you breathe a little easier.
You’re curious, compassionate & care about the provenance of what you’re buying.
You know shit happens but you try to look on the bright side of life anyway 🙂
You’re curious about slow living & want to come along on this journey with me.
Or you could just love unique design & are here for the indie designer-maker buys.

Whatever it is, I hope inspire & enjoy is a place that makes you feel encouraged, inspired & positive.


If you’re curious about working together, please head over to my portfolio. I LOVE telling creative’s stories so if you need a little help getting your words right, get in touch.

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Have a wonderful day!

Verity x