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Self-Care Tips from a Self-Care Mentor


Self Care mentoring and confidence

Self-care as a term has been thrown around a lot in recent years as more of us become attuned to our bodies and minds. Yet it’s easy to be a bit overwhelmed – I know I struggle to fit in yoga, baths, candles, self-help books, eating well and exercising. And even when I do manage one or two of these things, it can feel like a temporary fix rather than part of a longer-term strategy that truly puts you first and foremost. So, I’ve been in touch with Amy Hunt from Let’s Get Back to You, the UK’s first Self-care Mentor and a lady who’s taken her own experience with overwhelm and anxiety and made it her mission to help others in the same spot. Read on for advice on daily self-care practices and tips on looking after yourself when things are especially tough.    Read More


On smudging and Palo Santo | Clearing negative energy


After interviewing Mughda of Kindred and Wild on her gorgeous natural skincare brand and reading this wonderful piece on smudging  I wanted to find out more about the ritual of clearing negative energy and cleansing your home. With our move-in date to the cabin growing closer, thoughts of having a completely fresh space to move into seem especially important in my mind right now. Specifically, I was keen to discover more about Palo Santo, a magical wand when used for smudging. Very much a non-expert myself, it seemed only right to ask Mughda to contribute a piece (inspire & enjoy’s first guest post!) sharing more about what Palo Santo is, its history and benefits and most importantly, how to use Palo Santo in your own home to help set intentions and get that positive energy flowing.     Read More

self discovery

On Curiosity and Being Enough


on curiosity and being enough

On Curiosity & who i could be

As I’m sure you are, I’m a person full of curiosity. About other people, other cultures, other ways. And I’m curious about myself: who I am and how I want to spend my life. I have books upon magazines upon saved articles upon newsletter subscriptions upon social media accounts upon online courses of the infinite possibilities of who I could be. The ethically living yoga teacher? The slow living freelance mama? The wannabe photographer? The worldwide traveller, towing my family from one intriguing destination to the other? The fearless go-getter, making plans, plotting dreams & smashing goals?    Read More

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Rosie O’Neill | Creative & Professional Daydreamer


Rosie O'Neill Creativity Keep Growing print interview

Rosie O’Neill is a maker who believes in exploring our creativity to its fullest, whilst also adding a sprinkle of magic.  From her positive prints to encouraging pins, Rosie describes herself as a ‘professional daydreamer’ – if that’s not enough to have you falling in love with her designs & philosophy, what is?  After following her beautiful Instagram for some time & reading her blog posts on creativity, I was thrilled when Rosie agreed to be interviewed for inspire & enjoy.

Below, Rosie shares her tips on getting more creative; her magical inspirations & her budding new career….   Read More

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What is Summer Solstice? Traditions and Suggestions for Celebrating

What is summer solstice?
Summer Solstice. Midsummer. Litha.
I’ve never really given much thought to  June 21st before, beyond acknowledging the evenings will slowly be getting shorter after this date. But with my new way of life – as a mum & countryside dweller – comes a new way of thinking. There’s so much I’m curious about & I want to start discovering more to do with nature, the sun, moon, universe, all things I’d love to have my son grow up knowing about. It seems especially important to connect more with Mother Nature as the world becomes increasingly, inescapably digital. So I’ve done some research to uncover the basics of midsummer, some traditions & rituals, as well as some sun-inspired indie makes.

Read More

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Our Story Time | magical online shop


Our Story Time

As soon as you step through the virtual doorway to Our Story Time, you will find yourself lost amongst gifts and homewares to make your home that little bit magical. Having been chatting to Huma, Our Story Time’s creator & curator, through Instagram for a while (and comparing newborn baby notes!) I was excited to discover more about her & the incredible job she does painting the storybook world her thoughtfully chosen independent designs live in. Everything about Our Story Time has a sprinkle of Huma’s magic touch – her words are a delight to read, and the genuine passion she has for sharing her story and vision make the shop and all its delights truly special. If you’ve ever thought about opening your own retail space online and are a lover of beautifully-woven stories, read on…    Read More

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Kindred & Wild natural skincare


Kindred and Wild natural skincare interview

When Mughda Sapte from Kindred & Wild contacted me to see if I’d like to try out her newly launched bathsalts*, I, quite rightly, jumped at the chance. The recommendation for a long hot bath followed by a book and bed to really take advantage of the salt’s relaxing lavender properties sounded like a dream to a new mum like me. Sadly, it *was* a dream … in the sense that it didn’t come true *eye roll*. Turns out, 4 months into motherhood (yes, the reason I’ve been absent from the blog this long. Turns out pregnancy and raising a small human are entirely brain-consuming) and I’m still hopelessly optimistic about what I can achieve in a day/hour/minute.    Read More

self discovery

Things to inspire and enjoy | March 2017


  Things to inspire and enjoy: March 2017. Including inspiring talks, design documentaries, and a felt cactus

Oh March, you bringer of Spring, you. Still a coats and scarf kind of a month, but with enough sun peeking through the clouds and warming our backs to give us hope for the new season. Another funny old month (looking like the theme for 2017 so far), I slowly regained some of the positivity February cruelly stole, continuing to make self-care a big priority and start thinking more deeply about my spending. For that reason, I quit my yoga studio 🙁 Despite my love for Triyoga, I simply could no longer justify the £100/month price tag out of the measly salary I have left after rent, bills etc. So I diligently stuck to Yoga with Adrienne’s Yoga Revolution course on YouTube, making a ritual out of getting on the mat for half an hour after work each day, in a quiet space in the bedroom where the light gently glows as the day ends. At the moment, I prefer practising alone – the bus journeys and crowded classes were starting to bug me – and I think it’s good to mix up your routine once in a while anyway. Other good things included getting ma hair did (annual event. Greys be gone!), finishing off a couple of pieces for issue 7 of The Holborn and reading ‘The Muse‘ by Jessie Burton (I much preferred it to The Miniturist actually).    Read More

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Top 5 Irish independent makers


Top 5 Irish independent makers | Mourne Textiles 100% merino wool tweed scarf charcoal grey | | A blog celebrating & sharing inspiration for an independent life

The independent makers: Irish edition. With St Patrick’s Day right around the corner bringing its’ shamrocks, Guinness and greenness (right on trend with Pantone this year), I thought I’d look across the short sea separating our two lands and discover some of the best Irish independent makers around. Whilst researching I found myself drawn towards minimalist, gentle pieces which would become a part of your home for many years to come.  I love the concept of this, though the practicality seems unlikely in my home right now…maybe next time we move?   Read More