5 Instagram Adventurers


5 Instagram adventurers | Inspire & Enjoy | Blue Eggs & Tea | Freya Dowson | Kayla Robertson| | The Foraged Life

I don’t need to tell you all how inspiring Instagram can be, but recently I’ve been finding myself drawn more to images of adventure. Far-off places and nearby spaces; open skies and gleaming eyes: this is my pick of the top 5 Instagram adventurers I truly love following. Not just because their images are gorgeous, but because often their words beneath really capture me in a way which leaves me feeling happily content or thoughtful or inspired or frankly, just damn jealous! Their images tell a story, and storytellers are my favourite kind of people. Perhaps they’re yours too?    Read More


What is an independent life?



What is an independent life? Inspiration for a life of your own

The tag line for inspire & enjoy is, ‘Inspiration for an independent life’ so it seemed sensible for my first post to explore what an independent life actually, well, is. Here are a few examples of what it means to me, plus a few questions to get you thinking about living an independent life of your own (an oxymoron perhaps, but you know what I mean).    Read More