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For some time now I’ve been hankering after a slightly simpler life. Mine isn’t especially overwhelming compared with others but sometimes it’s a bit much…


For some time now I’ve been hankering after a slightly simpler life. Mine isn’t especially overwhelming compared with others but sometimes it’s a bit much for me. It’s not just the physical accumulation of ‘stuff’ which is currently bothering me, but my whole digital life is pretty overwhelming too. Yours too? I thought going digital was supposed to be the answer to the problem! Anyway. Whilst the bigger task of downsizing and ‘living minimally’ still seems rather daunting to me, a beautifully simple piece of jewellery is a  lovely reminder that less, is indeed, more.

So when Emma Barnes from Wild Fawn Jewellery recently offered me a necklace* from her eco-friendly silver jewellery collection, I took it as a chance to slowly start building towards and thinking about this simpler life which has alluded me thus far. A delicately hammered circle suspended by both sides on a simple silver chain has so far been the perfect statement/non-statement piece I’ve owned for some time. For me, there’s something about knowing the full process of how my necklace was made that serves as a reassurance that not all ‘things’ have to be ‘stuff‘. Some objects add to your life in a quiet yet strong way and this is one of them.

Emma will be selling Wild Fawn Jewellery at the London Local Team Etsy Made Local market this weekend. First though, read on for more about Emma and Wild Fawn Jewellery – a perfect read for anyone who’s been consciously considering buying ethically and simply.    Emma Barnes Wild Fawn Jewellery interview

Please can you introduce yourself & Wild Fawn Jewellery?

I’m Emma, I live in London and I’m a self taught silversmith and owner of the Wild Fawn Jewellery brand which will be 2 years old in January! I’m also a captain of the London Local Etsy Team which is a group of over 1000 Etsy Sellers who live in London.

Wild Fawn focuses on creating little environmental impact. How do you make that possible?

Before I started making jewellery, I had no idea that there was such a thing as ‘eco friendly’ sterling silver which is silver that’s been recycled so eradicated the environmental impact that comes from mining for fresh silver. From the moment I found out that I could buy eco friendly silver, the path for my eco-brand was set and since then I’ve worked to increase awareness of eco-friendly jewellery. There are lots of other ways that I work to be as eco-friendly to the environment too, such as using chemical free alternatives where possible and using recycled and recyclable packaging.

wild fawn jewellery necklace eco friendly interview

What’s your favourite part of the jewellery-making process?

My favourite part is designing and making new pieces because it’s so exciting to see how something in your mind actually turns out once it’s made. I’ve made some earrings recently that look like a simple cross from the front but to the side they look completely different, so it’s the little things like that that I love to figure out!


Where do you find yourself most often finding inspiration?

Because my jewellery is quite minimal, it means that I can find inspiration in everyday things that can sound a little strange! I have a new design in the making where I’ve taken inspiration from a pattern I saw that was created with bricks, it’s not as crazy as it sounds – I promise!

wild fawn jewellery earrings interview eco friendly

Where/how are you currently finding most enjoyment in your life?

I love to visit new countries and the flexibility of being my own boss means that I can do that more than I could when I had an office job. My next trip is Berlin next month which I’m really excited about!

wild fawn jewellery earrings eco friendly interview

Can you share what your Etsy journey has looked like so far & what the Etsy Made Local market is about for you?

Etsy has been an amazing platform that’s enabled me to build my brand and business from one single listing. It’s definitely hard work though with the intense competition with other jewellery brands on the site. There’s also the community aspect of Etsy that I love and being a captain of the London Local Etsy team has meant that I’ve met so many other people who are in the same boat and we all support each other. That’s why the Etsy Made Local Market will be so much fun because most sellers know each other from our monthly meet-ups and craft parties so it will have such a lovely atmosphere just like our Spring and Autumn Markets!

Etsy Made Local Christmas Market (organised by the London Local team) is this Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th December at Hornsey Town Hall, 11am – 5pm. For more details, head to londonlocalteam.com or their Facebook page.

*I was kindly gifted a necklace in exchange for this post but it goes without saying that opinions are my own. 

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