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I know it’s not just me who can’t resist a lovely new notebook. No matter how advanced our phones, tablets and laptops, there’s still something about pen, paper and whatever’s on your mind that’s more satisfying (and wonderfully pretty) than any tech bit of equipment. I’ve recently started experimenting with bullet journalling & think any of these delights above would help keep me on task.   

ONE | Foliage notebook A5 | £6.50 | Eastern Biological
TWO | East London Bakery Notebook A5 | £5.00 | Natalie Lea Owen
THREE | HAY Line dot large notebooks | £7.00 | Studio NL
FOUR | Marble effect notebook A5 | £9.00 | Sonni & Blush
FIVE | Jungle Fever Notebook A6 | £3.50 | Kith & Kin


Now, some more are some other uses for a new notebook:

  • Gratitude or Happiness journal: 3 things a day that you’re grateful for or which made you happy.
  • Travel journal: Where have you been, where are you going, where do you dream of visiting and where will you go when you arrive? Jot down hotel, restaurant & store names as you see them recommended in magazines or online.
  • Guest book: Write down recommendations of places you love to visit near your home. Next time someone comes to stay they have a ready-made travel guide. You could even ask them to write in their own recommendations for your next guests!
  • Art journal: Somewhere to stick all your favourite pictures from magazines, aka a collage.
  • Daily journal: to write in at the end of each day. It’s really gratifying looking back to what you were doing a month ago or how you felt six months ago – you can really see how you’ve changed over time. I’ve managed to keep this up since January 1st, so I highly recommend it!
  • Creative journal. Just you, some coffee and your new favourite notebook. Here are some creative prompts to get you going.
  • Blog book: Ideas for posts, email addresses, to-do lists….
  • Handwriting practice book: No, really! Somewhere to practice all that beautiful handwriting you see all over Pinterest. Why not?

Really, the list is endless. In fact, why not make a list of all the lists you could make?! What have I missed? What do you like using notebooks for?

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