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5 Instagram Adventurers


5 Instagram adventurers | Inspire & Enjoy | Blue Eggs & Tea | Freya Dowson | Kayla Robertson| | The Foraged Life

I don’t need to tell you all how inspiring Instagram can be, but recently I’ve been finding myself drawn more to images of adventure. Far-off places and nearby spaces; open skies and gleaming eyes: this is my pick of the top 5 Instagram adventurers I truly love following. Not just because their images are gorgeous, but because often their words beneath really capture me in a way which leaves me feeling happily content or thoughtful or inspired or frankly, just damn jealous! Their images tell a story, and storytellers are my favourite kind of people. Perhaps they’re yours too?   

The Foraged Life

The Foraged Life | 5 Adventurous Instagrammers | Inspire & Enjoy Rachel | ‘Collecting stories of the outdoors, of adventures & of conscious living.’ |


Freya Dowson | 5 Adventurous Instagrammers | Inspire & Enjoy Freya | ‘Travelling photographer shooting stories around the world.’ | blog:


Jenny | 5 Adventurous Instagrammers | Inspire & Enjoy Jenny | ‘Mindful stoyteller, creative entrepreneur, former designer, ocean loving New Zealand girl’ |


Kayla Robertson | 5 Adventurous Travel Instagrammers | Inspire & Enjoy Kayla | ‘Filmmaker & Storyteller. On a slow pilgrimage around the world’ |


Ruth Allen Blue Eggs & Tea | 5 Adventurous Travel Instagrammers | Inspire & Enjoy
Ruth | ‘Outdoor development. Mountains. Run & cycle educator. Illustrator & writer. Care farming |

Please share some other adventurous Instagrammers you follow, I love discovering new people to inspire me…



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