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The fast weeks of February have been big for me, having taken the life-changing leap into committing to a complete career change. In May, I’ll start my training as a life coach. This is something that’s been in the back of my mind for years but I’ve never really explored it, seeing it as a ‘someday’ dream.

A bit about my life right now: I suppose you could say I’m on ‘long-term maternity leave’. Leaving London whilst pregnant meant it wasn’t possible to return to my former EFL teaching job. I wanted to take the time to raise E & figure out making a living through writing. Yet – I’ve been struggling to write. Which is probably telling me something.

Magic ActivatioN

In November, I listened to a deep-felt calling to go on the Magic Activation Mastermind retreat in Spain with the incredible coach, Sophie French. Within an hour of receiving an email detailing the experience, I had booked my place – it felt like exactly what I needed. When I set my intention for the weekend, I rather grandly stated I wanted to find my purpose & value. To be honest, I think I expected to come away with a list of blog topics that would feel ‘right’ to write about & maybe some advice about writing a newsletter opt-in (as you’ve signed up for this letter based on your kindness & curiosity as opposed to a freebie, you can see I never got round to writing that opt-in!).

What I discovered however was what magic can be created when surrounded by soulful sisters who open their minds to each other and the universe. This was the first time I had experienced being in this energy and I was quickly speaking from the soul with no fear of judgement. 

Towards the end of the weekend we did a group exercise sharing what we could see in one another and what we thought we could each offer the world. Sophie spoke to me about how the life I was living is one of which people are intrigued & inspired by: this slow living philosophy I’ve unintentionally inhabited. 

At first, I saw this as a nudge to change my focus on Instagram to slow living which, now that I was living in a countryside cabin, felt doable. I’d try and pitch magazines again and grow my blog to become known for this style of living.


And then one morning last month, I was lying in bed thinking on slow living and writing and ‘hmmm life coaching sounds interesting‘ when it struck me that perhaps I could share this slower, more soulful journey with others in a more helpful, personal way through coaching. I immediately messaged my new soul sisters who quickly replied to say ‘All of the Yes’ & six weeks later, here we are! I’m training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy whose heart-centred approach spoke most to me & by the end of November I will be a Beautiful You life coach! 

I’m honestly so excited for this next part of my journey. When sharing this news with good friends a few nights ago they said they’d never seen me so energised and excited about a job before. They’re EVEN prepared for me to go full-on hippy (whatever that is) & talk universe/manifesting/visualising (but I won’t push it).

I now feel I have purpose and a value to offer others. On the vision board I created on the retreat I wrote that I wanted to ‘step into my light’. And you know what? I think I may just end up doing that….(cue cheesy uplifting music).

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