Modern Calligraphy workshop with Alice Gabb


Alice Gabb calligrapher interview workshop image India Hobson At the start of the year I made a list of creative endeavours I wished to have a go at by the time 2017 rolls around. This list included courses and workshops in origami, knitting, writing, cooking, photography, Italian, sewing, crochet and calligraphy. So, no big stretch there at all… Looking at it, I have managed a Blogging Your Way Photography course, a Freelance Journalism course and ummm, I downloaded DuoLingo. So with what feels like mere weeks of the year left, I eagerly bought a ticket for a ‘Modern Calligraphy for the New & Curious‘ workshop with lettering lovely Alice Gabb and headed over to East London one afternoon to try my hand (literally) at something completely new.    Read More


5 Pinterest | Independent Designers


Pinterest independent designers Inspire and Enjoy

Hello Pinterest addicts! Which I’m guessing is everyone, because why wouldn’t you be? Months ago, on the quest to ‘know myself better’ I answered some quick-fire questions about what I absolutely can’t live without, and at the top of that list was ‘Visual Inspiration‘. Be it through magazines photography, design, Instagram, stationery, beautiful textiles or of course Pinterest, having a part of my world filled with colour, pattern, hand-lettering and inspiring designers just makes it that little bit better, you know? And as a big lover of independent designers, I tirelessly trawled through my Pinterest account to bring you the best of the best accounts to follow for design, craft & colour.    Read More


Top 5 independent makers | notebooks


five best unique notebooks | inspire and enjoy

I know it’s not just me who can’t resist a lovely new notebook. No matter how advanced our phones, tablets and laptops, there’s still something about pen, paper and whatever’s on your mind that’s more satisfying (and wonderfully pretty) than any tech bit of equipment. I’ve recently started experimenting with bullet journalling & think any of these delights above would help keep me on task.    Read More


GrayJay Studio | Free Desktop Wallpaper


GrayJay Studio interview download wallpaper

I’m really excited to share a FREE abstract desktop wallpaper for you to download and brighten up your computer with. Designed by the lovely Jamie Gray of GRAYJAY Studio who I met whilst working for The London Artisan, her colourful, bold, geometric jewellery caught many people’s eyes. at her gorgeous stall. More recently I caught up with Jamie at the London Local pop-up where she kindly agreed to design this gorgeous wallpaper (download at the bottom of the post); shared her top tips for selling at design markets AND shared an epic list of podcasts to keep you all motivated.    Read More


5 Instagram Adventurers


5 Instagram adventurers | Inspire & Enjoy | Blue Eggs & Tea | Freya Dowson | Kayla Robertson| | The Foraged Life

I don’t need to tell you all how inspiring Instagram can be, but recently I’ve been finding myself drawn more to images of adventure. Far-off places and nearby spaces; open skies and gleaming eyes: this is my pick of the top 5 Instagram adventurers I truly love following. Not just because their images are gorgeous, but because often their words beneath really capture me in a way which leaves me feeling happily content or thoughtful or inspired or frankly, just damn jealous! Their images tell a story, and storytellers are my favourite kind of people. Perhaps they’re yours too?    Read More


What is an independent life?



What is an independent life? Inspiration for a life of your own

The tag line for inspire & enjoy is, ‘Inspiration for an independent life’ so it seemed sensible for my first post to explore what an independent life actually, well, is. Here are a few examples of what it means to me, plus a few questions to get you thinking about living an independent life of your own (an oxymoron perhaps, but you know what I mean).    Read More