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It goes without saying that the clients I work with are all inspiring, creative and building a life that truly works for them. Not only that – they’ve also said some nice things about their coaching experience to help you gain an idea of what to expect from working with me.

Verity Gaida life coach testimonial
Lorraine Fitch, branding photographer & social media manager

‘Joyful, inspiring and significant’

I didn’t know what to expect from life coaching, I’d never explored this before and was a little nervous. I did not need to be, Verity is quite simply AWESOME!!

Before you even begin, Verity gives you a questionnaire to delve deep before you start work. It is so good, gentle and kind – it gets you to start to open your mind to the wisdom you already know you have. I think this element of Verity’s work enables you come to your first call already in a mind of wanting to grow.

The biggest change I’ve noticed is probably strength – strength in my voice, my heart and mind. I noticed a fog lift and things generally began to feel clearer to me. This has impacted my business, I have come up with a plan for a new direction and am continuing to work towards my goals, with motivation and strength in myself and what I want to achieve.

I feel this has shown up in my relationships as I feel so much more confident, sure of what I want and able to articulate that so much better than every before.

My inner world – well, that’s the big stuff, my inner world feels strong, more relaxed, confident and creative again, so much shifted for me in my coaching experience and continues to shift even after we’ve finished.

I absolutely loved my experience working with Verity and I cannot speak highly enough of her as a coach and quite frankly a human being. She is infectiously enthusiastic without being over the top, she conjures up motivation without being in any way condescending, but for me the most important coaching quality Verity holds is her authentic, genuine love for what she is doing. I would recommend everyone to work with her, I will be again for sure!

‘Empowering, uplifting and revealing’

Coaching came along at a time where I was making some big changes in my life. They were quite scary and I was worrying a lot. I wanted to move away from the worry and also reconnect with my creative side. I had been meaning to do that for a while but just couldn’t find the time.

Working with Verity seemed like the perfect opportunity to receive support in achieving my current goals and also to have someone hold me accountable for actions that I wanted to take and changes I wanted to make in my life. I was not too sure what to expect. I just wanted to have someone hear me and support me in making positive changes in my life. It felt like I was taking charge.

I was also a little bit nervous to open up and be vulnerable to someone I had just met. Despite this, I knew that she would not judge me and she would have my best intention in mind. Having someone hold me accountable was also amazing as it made me commit. I knew that I was doing this for myself and she was there reminding me that I could do it and that I had all it takes.

The people in my life have mentioned that I have been calmer and more positive recently. A few of them also asked me when did I get so creative! I think I have attracted more people towards me based on the shift that was happening.

I’m still a work in progress but I have learned to let go of control and also operate within my values. Verity enabled me to see that I needed to be kinder to myself and the pressure I was putting on myself was unnecessary. It just made everything flow better. Verity was really understanding and kept me moving through my actions with her gentle, encouraging and peaceful energy. She believed in me and that was lovely.

Coaching with Verity really helped me grow and achieve the goals I had. I know that these goals I set are lifelong goals and I do feel equipped to continue to apply what I have learned in the future. I’m very grateful for the time I had with her and her beautiful supportive smile.

Angy Tsafos, life coach & energy healer

‘Enlightening, transformative and joyful’

Before I started working with Verity, I was working through burnout without realising. This was impacting on my feelings toward every aspect of my life – family, home and self care and business! This felt chaotic and unmanageable and I was desperately craving more calm and direction.

I’d never worked with a coach before & had no idea what it was going to be like. I just tried to embrace every aspect with open arms. I hadn’t expected all the valuable little actions to take each week, but found these super helpful and achievable!

The biggest change I’ve recognised in myself since working together is that I feel able to step back and let go of perfectionism, to recognise when my own standards are unrealistic and to give myself a break! I’ve also learnt how uncomfortable I am with doing nothing as I’d become so used to working at every available opportunity. I feel so much more self aware and that is translating into every part of my life.

It was exactly what I needed. It was amazing to have the space held for me to work towards my ideal life and I feel like I have made huge leaps. I truly already miss the calls each fortnight to keep me on track and so know I’ll definitely work with Verity again in the future.

Emily Tyler, wedding photographer

Having lived in London for 13 years I had always had a busy life – work and personal. I barely stopped long enough to take it in. Living at this pace for years is exhausting and it catches up with you. Working with Verity came at exactly the right time…

In our 3 months of coaching, Verity helped me identify the areas of my life that were causing me anxiety or taking up too much headspace. When I started on this journey my mind felt very busy and out of control – through the lessons she taught me I am noticeably calmer and better able to process. There are times that I can feel overwhelmed and ‘Little V’ (when I am feeling overwhelmed I think to myself ‘What would Verity say’) is there on my shoulder to talk me down.  

Verity showed incredible patience with me, always showing kindness and understanding – two things I certainly have not shown to myself for a very long time. She has helped me to learn to be kinder and more forgiving to myself.

Verity helped me break down barriers I have built up in my brain over decades for self preservation. I was stuck thinking inside an ever-shrinking box. Through her coaching I learnt to look outside and my view of the world has changed – this is what I am most grateful for. I’m embracing new ideas and taking creative approaches to solutions I would have written off before. 

I can not recommend her highly enough. She has made such a positive difference in my life and I will be forever grateful for that.