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Top 5 independent makers | 2017 Calendars


It’s still not too late to buy your 2017 calendar, so here’s a selection of wall calendars to hang above your desk or in your kitchen – and all designed by independent makers. So you can get that feel good ‘I bought independent’ feeling all year round.

Constance and CLay 2017 calendar inspire and enjoy independent life

Constance & Clay | £10.50 | A new discovery for me – I love the bold colours and handlettering. Would definitely look forward to turning over a new page each month, with a new herbal remedy being outlined each time. January is milk thistle: for draining the liver. Good for all those Dry January followers!

Alison Hardcastle 2017 calendar inspire and enjoy independent life

Alison Hardcastle | £14 | I interviewed Alison for The Holborn a while ago & have continued to be drawn to her use of pastel shades and graphic shapes. Wall planners are awesome if you like being able to see an overview of the big events occurring in a year – it really helps you actually *see* what’s happening.

Lollipop Design 2017 calendar

Lollipop Designs | £14.50 | The minimal design is one thing but the best thing about this calendar is that each month is split up into five different columns. You could use this to separate each family members activities, though I’d be inclined to include columns for my blog posts, freelance deadlines, design events, etc.

Prism of Starlings 2017 Calendar inspire and enjoy independent life

Prism of Starlings | £7 – £12 | Another new discovery for me – how can you not be drawn to that unusual shape & bright colours?

Mister Peebles 2017 calendar

Mister Peebles | £14 | ‘Have you herd?’ 12 months of collective animal nouns features such gems as a January Glaring of Cats and an October Puddling of Ducks. The names are fantastic enough, but with the wonderfully detailed illustrations too, I’m more than a bit in love with this year of animal tomfoolery.

How do you like to plan out your year? 

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