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Pantone Greenery | Design inspiration from independent stores


When Pantone announced Greenery as its colour of the year, I was less than impressed, especially after the pastel tones of 2016*. Why? Because: confession – green is my second least favourite colour, after brown. (I know – *quite* the revelation!) I never buy any clothes or homewares in this colour, especially not in the insanely acidic bright Greenery seems to be. I do, however, like the concept of the colour being reflective of the outdoors and fresh, new beginnings. There are other shades of green I might be tempted by though: moss, jewel and forest are rich, luxuriant tones. So whilst I initially endeavored to find charming shades of Pantone’s hottest shade for 2017, it just didn’t quite work out that way. Instead, I was drawn to the more natural toned-down versions of green, and was rather happy to connect it with nature and natural products. So here is a small round-up of a few homewares which celebrate green and greenery and can all be found in stores stocking the best independent products.

Norm Architects @ Tea and Kate | Bottle Grinder Dark Green | Pantone Greenery design from independent stores | | inspiration for an independent life

Norm Architects Ceramic Bottle Grinders | £46 | Tea & Kate | These are just so beautifully designed, aren’t they? They can be used as salt & pepper shakers, or you could add spices, herbs, nuts….or just place them on your table to be admired. Meraki hand soap green seaweed Pantone Greenery design by independent shops | | inspiration for an independent life Meraki green seaweed hand soap  | £6 | Southbank Centre Shop | Made using mild ingredients and good minerals to cleanse your skin; designed & developed in Denmark (so it MUST be good). Magic Organic Apothecary green balm @ The Future Kept | Top 5 Pantone greenery design from independent stores | | inspiration for an independent life Magic Organic Apothecary Green balm | £12.50 | The Future Kept | Maybe it’s the name of the brand, maybe it’s the gorgeous green glass packaging or maybe it’s knowing that this balm is 100% natural. Whatever it is, I would love this in my bathroom.

Cow Co Bosske transparent self watering plant pot | Top 5 Pantone greenery design from independent stores | | inspiration for an independent life

Cow + Co small cube planter | £17.50 (current sale price) | Ok fine, so you create the greenery here but what’s exciting is there’s way less chance of killing that Pantone Greenery vibe with this self-watering planter. I love the transparent nature of it. But yes, the not killing a plant thing is what most grabs me most. Why am I so bad at keeping plants alive?

Ferm Living Hexagon vase | Pantone greenery design from independent stores | | inspiration for an independent life

Ferm Living Hexagon Vase | £39 | Saying that, I’m ok at keeping flowers alive for a week or two but never seem to have the right vase. This solves that problem, plus, it would look *perfection* alongside those bottle grinders.

What’s your opinion on Pantone Greenery? Love it? Hate it? Honestly don’t care? (it’s only one colour of many after all).

*See my Pinterest Colour Color board for proof of my addiction to Rose Quartz & Serenity. It was a beautiful year…sob.

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