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Top 5 yoga prints for your walls


Following on from Monday’s post, I thought I’d round up some inspiring yoga prints so if the thought of doing yoga itself is still too much, you can always gaze at one of these in a mindful way & most likely get the same benefits…maybe.

Sam Osborne yoga print | | inspiration for an independent life    

Sam Osborne Store | from £20 | Aside from the fact this is one pose I’m still a long way from mastering, I really like the strength that comes through from this floral-patterned lady & her beautiful ‘yoga’ lettering.

emma-block yoga illustration Emma Block | £18 | I’ve been a fan of Emma’s illustrations for such a long time & these lovely ladies look so zen practising yoga. For the record, I doubt I’ll ever be able to bend into rabbit pose, looks ouchy.

Sara Comb yoga print | Top 5 yoga illustrations & prints | | inspiration for an independent life

Sara Combs | $55 | I love how a few simple brushstrokes can be transformed into yoga poses and the overall pattern produced is just gorgeous.

Just breathe print spell and tell | Top 5 yoga prints & illustrations | | inspiration for an independent life

Spell and Tell | from £7.50 | Having this above your desk or opposite your bed would be a lovely reminder to focus on what yoga is really all about: breathing. It’s also an example of the type of lettering I’d like to be able to do myself!

Indieberries yoga print | Top 5 yoga prints & illustrations | | inspiration for an independent life

Indieberries | £12.90 | Sun salutations print. I’ve been following Che Dyer’s blog / Instagram / illustrations for a while now – she has a great sense of humour & her characters are always so cheerful looking. This is a handy little step-by-step guide to a morning sun salutation. Can’t go wrong!

Ok, I’ll stop harping on about yoga for now. Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to give it a go or at least bring a bit of it into your home. How do you bring that much-needed bit of positivity into your life?



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