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If you knew you would be supported, what would you do? I pulled this card for the second time in two days this morning. Trust…

If you knew you would be supported, what would you do?

I pulled this card for the second time in two days this morning. Trust Your Path, it says. Twice in two days means, well, it must mean something.

The last few days I’ve had a burst of masculine energy, working on the real nuts and bolts of my business, sorting out my business account, organising my digital files and going through training videos on how to grow my brand. I’ve been obsessing over all the classic cliche business concerns: Who am I? Who are my audience? What do I stand for? Does my branding reflect this? Do I even really have any branding? Maybe I need a new logo. A proper colour story. I’m not showing up on Instagram Stories – what’s that about? How will people ever get to know, like & trust me enough to buy from me if I don’t show up & talk about what I do? 

Writing this out it’s clear to see all of these concerns come from a place of deep fear: ‘What if nobody wants to work with me?’ ‘What if we’ve paid all this money for my training for nothing?‘What if my business never gains traction & I’m never able to contribute fairly to my family in the way I am desperate to?’

It feels like there’s nothing more embarrassing than talking about your long-anticipated business launch (anticipated by no one other than myself) only for …. nothing.  

So, if I knew I would be supported, what would I do?

I would write. And my writing would attract clients who wanted to pay to work with me. I would write as I am now, without a hidden agenda of whether my SEO is any good or whether my ideal clients are out there looking for an answer to a problem that only I can help them solve. Without thinking about how and where I’m going to promote it, whether it has the correct word count and focuses on you not me

But writing like this is where I feel at peace. It’s where my truth comes from. It’s where my mind slows down and unravels the busy distracted mess it often (usually) is in there. It’s a pep talk to myself, my inner journalling that just has to get out. And it doesn’t matter whether or not I’ve intently researched the best keywords or shared it across five social media channels. 

If I knew I would be supported – I would write. And I would trust and know that the people I am meant to work with, the financial abundance I am meant to share and the life I am meant to create would quietly and gently find its place in my soul. 

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