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I’m a gentle, joyful and encouraging life coach who would love to help you embrace a slower pace of life, cut the overwhelm and rediscover your inner peace.

Hello & welcome ❤️ You’re thinking about working with a coach – that’s huge! Yay, you. The fact you’re here makes me think you may even want to work with me as your coach – even more exciting! Hopefully you’ve already read up on who I am, why I coach & the kind of coach I am over on my about page. Super! That means it’s time to talk about you then…

Working for yourself *seemed* like the dream. But the reality is the quest to live a life of balance has become more-than-a-little unbalanced. You’re overwhelmed with to-dos, feel constantly under pressure & are, quite frankly, exhausted.

I know the ache to slow down and take some time for you seems like an impossible dream you’ll get to ‘one day’, but honestly – you wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Are you…?

… A curious creative woman looking to slow your life down & (re)connect with who you are under the noise of our very loud society telling us that busy = success (amongst many MANY other expectations)?

… A independent business owner? I’ve been writing about & interviewing designer makers & indie business owners for years & I want to support this incredibly talented bunch of women more so than ever.

… in need of setting boundaries around your work and personal life? It can be so easy for the two to intertwine when you work for yourself, leaving you constantly attached to your phone instead of ever being truly in the moment.

If so…

I’ve listed a few different ways you can work with me below. If you’re interested in finding out any more, please pop me an email over here & we can start chatting.

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be still | a one-off consult call 

Sometimes you just need a little extra support.

Included is:

  • a deep-dive discovery questionnaire to get your thoughts in order & start dreaming about the magical life you want.
  • a 60-90 minute video call to discuss the biggest themes that came up in your questionnaire & set some tangiable actions to get you moving forward.
  • two weeks of email/Voxer support. I’m there whenever you need me.
  • a final 30 minute call to celebrate your progress & tie up our work together beautifully.

investment: £90

be slow | a three month coaching series

12 weeks of guided discovery to uncover the small things that will make the biggest difference to your life.

Included is:

  • a deep-dive discovery questionnaire to get your thoughts in order & start dreaming about the magical life you want.
  • a FREE 30-45 minute discovery call for us to both get a sense of one another & how we could work together. Coaching is a deeply personal experience where we will both be open and vulnerable with one another. It can require a lot of mental and emotional energy and for this reason, it’s really important we’re on a similar wavelength. Additionally, sometimes people are better suited to a different form of professional support such as a counsellor/therapist.
  • Six x 60-90 minute video calls over 12 weeks. These calls are where the good stuff happens & the slowing down begins. Where we set big stretchy, dreamy goals that set your heart alight and feel exciting & scary in equal measure. Each week we’ll keep our focus on the big picture, whilst unravelling exactly how you’re going to get there.

investment: £600 (or £200/month)

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